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FileInMail 2.5 supports 254 characters long email addresses. Delay between messages

 Automatically send out files via e-mail
Newsletter no. 1/2020 - 4 Dec 2020

Dear Client,

we're pleased to announce the new FileInMail 2.5 release.

What's new:

Previous 2.4 version
  • Now you can specify email addresses up to 254 characters long.
    This is useful to send messages to addresses like p+_very_long_@pages-reply.facebook.com or _very_long@attach-archive.com for automatic posting on social networks or automated email attachments archiving systems

  • When FileInMail detects multiple files to be emailed separately, now you can specify a delay between them.
    This is particularly useful if an SMTP server has limits in the number of messages it can handle in a short period of time, or if you wish to "ensure" they're received in the same order they're sent out

  • Simplified installation and upgrades on peer-to-peer networks.
    Now you can install/upgrade FileInMail on just the network server and the client computers will upgrade automatically the first time they'll run FileInMail from the network shared directory.
    It's similar to how our Printfil software works: please see the video at https://www.printfil.com/article/peer-to-peer.htm

  • Added two new menu options to import and export the FileInMail's configuration.
    That's useful for backup purposes or to simplify moving FileInMail between 2 machines

  • Added the new menu option Help -> Create Support Report to create a FileInMailSupport.Zip file to be sent us manually.
    This is useful to obtain help even if FileInMail cannot send out messages at all.
    The same function can be run even by the Command-Line command: FileInMail.exe REPORT

  • Improved the French and German user interfaces

  • Some other minor improvements

The upgrade is free for all the Customers who are actually using the 2.x version, by using the same license codes. You just need to download and install the new FileInMail setup program (or leave the AutoUpdate program doing it automatically) without uninstalling the current version first.

If don't own the license codes yet, you can use the same setup program to freely test the new version for 30 days, even if a previous FileInMail version was already expired on your computer.

For any question, comment or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Davide Guolo
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