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FileInMail 2.3 sends multiple files into a single message with SSL authentication

 Automatically send out files via e-mail
Newsletter no. 1/2010 - 24 May 2010

Dear Client,

we're pleased to announce the new FileInMail 2.3 release.

What's new:

Previous 2.2 version
released 1 Sep 2009
  • Now multiple files can be sent into a single e-mail message: either as separate attachments or as a single ZIP file containing them.
  • Added SSL authentication when sending mail via SMTP directly. This feature needs Windows 2000 or higher (it's not available in Windows 9x).
  • If normal (not SLL) SMTP authentication was enabled on a server that doesn't support it, in some cases FileInMail could hangup.
  • Now you can use all the variable values ([FILE], [AFILE] etc.) even in the mail Subject.
  • Two new variables can be used in the mail Body and Subject: [FILENP] and [AFILENP]. They contains the source/archived file name, without path.
  • If an external program were creating the source files dinamically without unlocking them at the end of the process, FileInMail were used to show a "File locked by an external program" alert on screen, waiting for the user clicking "OK" before continuing. Now that message is shown in a popup window at the screen bottom and closes itself after a few seconds so that unattended workstations will continue to process other files however.
  • During the installation process now you can choose whether creating the Startup icon to start FileInMail automatically at the PC bootup or not. You may want to avoid creating it if you wish to start FileInMail yourself by a batch file or logon script.
  • The Help -> Contact Support menu entry now creates the attachments with TXT extension instead of TMP to avoid a "security warning" of some Outlook versions.
  • Some other minor improvements.

The upgrade is free for all the Customers who are actually using the 2.x version, by using the same license codes. You just need to download and install the new FileInMail setup program (or leave the AutoUpdate program doing it automatically)

If don't own the license codes yet, you can use the same setup program to freely test the new version for 30 days, even if a previous FileInMail version was already expired on your computer.

For any question, comment or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Davide Guolo
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